The Behavior Side of Better Decision Making

The Behavior Side of Better Decision Making

How Teams Can Learn to React Better about Bias

The senior team was shocked and surprised at what they all had witnessed from themselves and each other. The confident demeanor and energized swagger that characterized this group were now replaced by silent contemplation.

Then one leader said in a whisper, “OK, now what do we do with all this?”

According to Mark Hanson, founder of Inuous Ltd,“That’s when the mind opens and learning begins!”


“It’s hard to explain yourself out of something you’ve behaved yourself into.” Mark Hanson

Inuous Solutions

Inuous facilitates diverse & inclusive global enterprises, leaders & teams to create environments for sustainable transformational change. Here’s how to put Inuous solutions to work for you:

  • Experiential learning: Surface the individual and team behaviors through action learning that puts them into performance under pressure. Create an activity that does not directly fit into the participant’s on the job role or content expertise. The idea is to get them out of their thinking mindset and into their innate motivators and learned behavior. No time to think. Just be.
  • Facilitate the learning: The art of facilitation brings a conversation alive, guides the audience to a desired outcome, and keeps the audience focused through challenging, yet supportive engagement. We codifying the emerging messages for teams to build on. We help you create short hand language or heuristics for organizations to communicate quickly and effectively.
  • Apply the learning: Now bring the newly formed awareness and innovations to life in the business. Go into experiential learning scenario that solves an important challenge for the business. Become specific in how to apply learned behavior in the workplace. Use communication heuristics to call out the behavior, not the person. Individuals and teams hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of behavioral clarity.
  • Sustain the Learning: Establish peer support and coaching capabilities to keep the learning relevant and memorable. Executive coaching to embed the learning in daily operations, while creating an atmosphere of bought-in accountability to a continual improvement process. Use of digital communication strategies cascade a memorable message, provide support when you need it most and engage participants through social participation and brain friendly exercises.
  • Repeat: Practice and process interrupt and create new wiring for the neuro-connections of unconscious bias
  • Create organizational awareness
  • Build bench strength skills
  • Develop lasting habits
  • Experience desired outcomes