Energy: The Power to Influence

Wives and mothers see themselves as more! They have ambition, see themselves as doing more, having more and being a business role model to their families.

The energy of this message came from a concentrated conviction powered through the stillness of knowing.

Clear, impassioned and completely believable.

There was a slight digestive pause

We witnessed the birth of innovation in a global brand, like a new island of thought erupting out of a volcanic sea

Violent agreement broke out among the room of brand leaders who just moments ago had convinced themselves that their current brand assumptions were accurate and reflected how the target audience viewed themselves.

The ancient images were discarded as energy built around a new vision.

“My particular ability does not lie in mathematical calculations, but rather in visualizing effects, possibilities, and consequences.” Albert Einstein

Free Your Extra-Ordinary

Energy is one of the core values of Inuous and is always a recognized marker for success.

Observe the quiet and unassuming conviction of this multiple brand innovator. Watch how energy quickly builds around his brand instincts to inspire his own confidence and reclaim core values.



Energy: The Power to Influence

Energy is a key indicator

Sustained energy is a confirmation

Characteristics of Energy Influence

  • Attraction: Building authentic followership and momentum
  • Inner Genius: Acknowledged wisdom confidently guides decision making
  • Inspiration: courage and conviction fuel unstoppable action
  • Reclamation: Restoration of core values and beliefs assert renewed attitudes